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Non-traditional Wedding

I am non-traditional in many ways, including having a non-traditional wedding.

We aren’t going to have a ton of flowers, as most of our wedding + reception will take place at night outside. So, who will see them?

Yes, we will have some flowers, located in open places, which will be visible when it gets darker.

I love the rustic look, but it will be more about adornments rather than flowers everywhere. I’m a fan of not wasting cut flowers, as they will only be useful for a few hours. (ask me how I cried about throwing out my Christmas tree a few years ago)

On the other hand, I am a fan of small twinkly lights and so is my fiance. We use them all over our house, along with Edison bulbs, which give a “chill” mood to our abode.

In getting married at a winery with a vineyard and equipped with an awesome tasting room, the ambiance is already pretty cool. We do not feel we have to go crazy with decorations.

Centerpieces will be simple too. We are looking at antique bottles or used wine bottles (I’m sure we can save enough) with a flower or two inside each.

As or the bouquet, I am wondering about taking a potted plant up to the altar? Been done before?

We aren’t going for the HUGE wedding photography package! Not because we are cutting corners, but really at the end of the day, we don’t feel we need them. We’re depending on our guests to be snapping away and with a photo booth as part of the merriment, we figure there’ll be pictures galore!

We are totally about the food which we have decided to move away from Indian food (our favorite) toward something else. I thought about picnic baskets. Here are your sandwich and some chips? It just became so complicated in the search for a caterer. Realizing no one is going to a wedding looking for amazing cuisine, but it could be part of the experience.

I was hanging out on Instagram looking at “wedding planner” soul sister’s feed when I came across some really amazing food. Who did this belong to?

As my fiance and I poured over the caterer’s site, it inspired us! This pizza had us drooling! Yes, please. The inspiration lead us to order pizza from a local restaurant (I tend to stay away from cheese and eat a mainly plant-based diet), and chow down! What 20lbs did I want to lose before the wedding? HA!

Now, we are thinking mobile pizza oven, salads, appetizers and pasta! We figure everyone will love it! All the gluten-free peeps, the vegans and well, ummm not sure what those protein only folks will do? Perhaps, eat toppings in a bowl with no bread?  Anyways, we are headed that way. My fiance saw some really cool purple converse he thinks would look great with whatever he chooses to wear to marry me. Whatever makes him happy!

Non-traditional weddings are about pleasing us, we figure the day is our day. Of course, we want our loved ones to witness the day and all, but it comes down to we are gonna make it into a simple, elegant, rustic, fun, slightly off balance amazing event! Can’t wait!