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Best Beauty Products For Who?

Best Beauty Products For Who?

As I opened up another magazine for a wedding, it was clear as to who it was speaking to…and it was not me. It’s not to say there is nothing of value in the magazine, but it is clearly meant for the first time bride who is in her first few decades of life.

As I looked at the make-up and other items (I will address in other posts), it was very clear it’s for the sweet, young, blushing bride. Nothing wrong with that! But, what about those of us chicks who want products for older skin and so on?

Now, I have never been consistent with wearing face make-up and at this point, I have no clue if I will wear it on my wedding day–as powder and foundation have a way of accenting the lines on my face. It would be great to find amazing make-up for my special day, which speaks to my skin looking dewy, sparkling and warm! Nothing in this magazine or any wedding magazine shows me a mature face made-up for her wedding day.

In my personal/professional life, I do wear eyeshadow,¬†mascara, eyeliner and sometimes lip color with a creme blush. And I am always looking for what will enhance what I have rather than make me look younger. I am okay with my age, it would just be wonderful to find some things geared to the older bride. I’d love to open a magazine up, with at least a few articles and other items geared to me–it would be fun!

So how about them false eyelashes? Will I look like an over the hill cheerleader? HA! I am not sure I would go that route, as they have felt heavy on my lids when I wore them in the past.