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It Is Meant To Be or Something Like That

Yup. Whatever, it is meant to be it will be.

It’s how I feel. Everything really does work out how it is meant to be. In preparing for a wedding, especially one where you have a chosen venue–it can become stressful. Stressful, if you let it. I had made a decision. A while back I decided “hyperventilating” was not part of getting, “everything and everyone booked.”









Not sure if I am the smart “bride” or the bride who believes everything will just work itself out! I keep feeling myself open up, more and more to the possibilities. Allowing it to be whatever amazing day it will be, my intention is set on fun, meaning and lotsa love! It doesn’t have to be a specific caterer or DJ, it doesn’t have to be perfect at all. The main thing is me, the groom and our loved ones being present. That’s it. The rest is literally icing on the cake.

Even though we are doing so much research in our spare time and making a bazillion decisions (some I haven’t even started to look at), it is all toward simplicity, ease and joy. We are thinking of having a food truck, or a pizza oven or food stations…or hey how about a brown bag sandwich with some chips? It can become a challenge, a stressful one and I could feel it nipping at my heels. I just threw my hands down, shrugged my shoulders and refocused. Focused on what matters and with a sort of titillating feeling of what surprise the universe may bring–it makes me feel more like a kid again!