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Catering Panic?

We are not in catering panic. Yet.

Catering panic will set in when me the Libra and him the Pisces do not decide who to go with! I feel it has moved into a lifetime project, could swear we have been working on it since I was two and he was four. Well, okay, not really!

We started off wanting Indian food and decided to change it to having freshly baked pizzas on site. There are so many cute ideas as I spoke about in a previous blog post. Anyways, trying to wrangle one caterer, and not having too great communication meant I needed to pick back up with the expensive caterer. And then we were talking about it with our floral chick, she recommended another caterer. Our planner also recommended one too. Four possibilities.

We had all three bids pretty much bidding on the same food. And I told my fiance, “Watch the fourth caterer will be competitive!” Sure enough, they sure are and they seem to be the easiest too.

But we really like one of the other caterers, so as we wrestle with ourselves this oughta be one big hootenanny! At least we get to go for tastings!