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    Wedding Update

    Here is my wedding update! My man and I have been checking the boxes with wedding stuff being accomplished. After a ton of contemplation, my guy decided he wanted the ceremony videotaped. And so, he hired a videographer. What else?¬† I picked my dress and gave my bridesmaids color and brand to choose from for their dresses. Woot woot! Getting closer! Went shopping with my fiance a few days ago, so he could look at what he wants to wear and we have it narrowed down, plus he found some new clothes in the process. All good. We have a caterer who is going to make amazing pizzas and is…

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    Weight Loss, Health and Happiness

    Weight Loss, Health, and happiness; go together in my book. I took time off from writing this blog. There was quite a bit¬†going on with those three things not to mention the wedding planning too. At this point, I have lost 25 pounds since the end of April. At the beginning of May, I decided I did not want to have fear around my health. I am usually hypersensitive to it when I am under stress. I tend to think many aches and pains that are new must be some health disaster. And so, as I have been in the practice of growing myself, I decided I wanted to deal…

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