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    Weight Loss For This Middle-Aged Mama!

    Weight Loss For This Middle-Aged Mama! It is definitely happening. A 12-pound weight loss for this mama to be exact! I stepped on the scale almost two weeks ago. And I knew it was gonna be high, but not as high as it was! YIKES! I thought I had wanted to drop 20 pounds for the wedding, but it may be more like 25 or 30? We will see what it looks like as the weight comes off. I am a bit nervous, as I try to stay in the moment and not get ahead of myself. This elimination diet to figure out the “foods” impacting my hormones or whatever at this…

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    Catering Panic?

    We are not in catering panic. Yet. Catering panic will set in when me the Libra and him the Pisces do not decide who to go with! I feel it has moved into a lifetime project, could swear we have been working on it since I was two and he was four. Well, okay, not really! We started off wanting Indian food and decided to change it to having freshly baked pizzas on site. There are so many cute ideas as I spoke about in a previous blog post. Anyways, trying to wrangle one caterer, and not having too great communication meant I needed to pick back up with the…

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    Wedding Planning With Ease?

    Wedding Planning With Ease? That is funny and so far, wedding planning with ease is, uh, a big question? An obvious challenge to letting go. We are watching certain aspects of the planning go smoothly and other parts turn into a hairball. The catering swims to the top of that heap. What do we choose? Pizza was sounding like the “thing” to do. Having this really cute 1940s style truck pull up and make pizzas!! YES, PLEASE! But, they were booked. And so, we have certain caterers we are talking to and they will need to rent a portable pizza oven. Can we just call Dominoes? (not really) Looking at this…

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