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    Non-traditional Wedding

    I am non-traditional in many ways, including having a non-traditional wedding. We aren’t going to have a ton of flowers, as most of our wedding + reception will take place at night outside. So, who will see them? Yes, we will have some flowers, located in open places, which will be visible when it gets darker. I love the rustic look, but it will be more about adornments rather than flowers everywhere. I’m a fan of not wasting cut flowers, as they will only be useful for a few hours. (ask me how I cried about throwing out my Christmas tree a few years ago) On the other hand, I am a fan…

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    Wedding Planning From Hell

    My fiance and I went back and forth over wedding planning. We weren’t arguing over the wedding planning. Um, we just had no idea what the hell we were doing or looking for. From $20,000 photography packages to the hiring of a wedding planner; it was overwhelming. The sheer amount of little and big items was staggering to us. We may have fared better had we done an all-inclusive venue. We wanted what we wanted and it meant, having many vendors. The more we looked at wedding planning packages from wedding planners, the more confused we became. We want a cool wedding, but we are not living a fairy-take over here. The…

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    Wedding Registry The Second Time Around

    Wedding Registry fun! Yes, it was fun! We, as in he and I, started our wedding registry. When I got married the first time, I think I made a list of items for people to buy. I think? Although, I do remember a lot of mismatched items and things I know we definitely did not need. This time, it took us two hours to get through Crate and Barrel (one of the choices for wedding registry). We enjoyed looking through all the shapes and sizes of the flatware. We loved feeling all the plates and if we could see ourselves eating from them daily. We decided we wanted to have certain…

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    What To Do With Grown Children

    We’re a happy bunch! Grown Children are cool. No diapers to change, no worrying about when to feed or getting them to their games or clubs or whatever on time anymore. And for us, we are pretty fortunate. Our kids all seem to like one another and like my fiance and I together. It’s cute. We want to include them all in the wedding, we are just not sure how to do it! My one daughter thought her and her sister would be my Maids of Honor, but I am going to have a friend of mine do it. Plus I would want all the kids to be included in…

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    Location, Location, Location–Wedding Location That Is!

    The wedding location has been found! It’s wedding item #1 to check off the list! Visited this sleepy little town we love so much! We checked out the rustic barn locale once again, looked at a couple more and ended up here. There were deciding factors which spoke to us. Among them, this cool tree! This massive tree and the surrounding vineyards will be the setting for our rustic style wedding. As we drove away my fiance said, “I just felt warm in my heart; connected to it.” I agreed with him. It was totally chill. Laid back people, the atmosphere was easy going, plus fewer logistics than the barn. Although the…

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    Wedding Planning 101 For Any Age

    Wedding Planning Made Easy or really I should say…EASIER. We aren’t hiring a wedding planner for the entire wedding. It is just for the day of the wedding, as it appears all the venues we are interested in require us to do so. I am pretty excited to help put our day together, my fiance is also up for the fun of doing some DIY where we can. And in the case where we are hiring people to help us, we have this handy dandy binder from The Knot. It is making the process so much easier! The picture on the front comes off the binder. Inside are all sorts of fill…

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    A Magazine For A Bride Who’s Hip and Old-ish

    I am a bride. I am older than the bride at first blush. My search for ideas for my wedding, for someone who has been around more than a couple decades, has uncovered a few things. There is no magazine or website dedicated to us. The older cool chick! Bridal magazines have some use. Eh, really though, not so much for my generation!  It’d be great to see a magazine for dresses (on older bodies),  verbiage of articles skewed more toward us, a selection of tools which appeal to me and so on. I’d love it just so it would shorten the amount of research I am submerged in.  …

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    Getting Married When You’re Older Than A Certain Age

    Getting married is fun at any age! (Me on top of a peak 2014) I could’ve sworn if I was to get remarried it would’ve happened years ago. I felt like I did all the “right” things back then to be open (Um… I was anything but open). Like I would’ve met a guy when I was in the best shape of my life, or having had the perfect job or my kids being at the perfect age and so on. It didn’t happen that way at the time.  I was not emotionally ready, available or really knowing/understanding what a healthy relationship was back then. Being in a healthy relationship…

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    Needle in a haystack. Where To Get Married?

    Getting married. The ideal location. Where to actually get married? As in, where in reality? Last month, before we were officially engaged, we looked at this barn on a vineyard. We were in love. Getting married there seemed natural. Rustic is our style. Low key, fun and on a vineyard; this sounded like the total package. Perhaps, it’s age or something in me, which went from total love to stroking my chin in contemplation. Why was I feeling not so enthusiastic? The more I looked at the price of just renting the barebones venue, it started to feel not too great. Getting married in Vegas was looking like an option (not…

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    Wedding Dresses For Hip Engaged Women Of A Certain Age

    Where are those dresses? Wait. Do I even want a real wedding dress? I mean, the thought of purchasing a dress to freeze-dry and stuff somewhere in my closet, doesn’t sound appetizing. It sounds like shoveling more shit into my house that I do not need. I practice the Kon Mari way of living (to a degree), I only keep things I really love and USE. My fiance’ agrees about not collecting a bunch of stuff we won’t use again, but he leaves the attire for the wedding totally up to me. Yay me! Uh, sooooo here I am without much of a clue as to direction. As far as wedding dresses,…

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